Sorelia Race Revealed

The page on sorelia has been uploaded. Some highlights:

The sorelia are a corrupted race of the noble karelian species, originating from Ronkainen, the goddess of corruption, reading the passage on karelia from the Book of Creation. Sorelia are physically identical to karelia except for random iris colors. It is impossible to tell them apart except for demeanor, actions, and words. Just as karelia means “night walker,” sorelia means “death walker.”

Sorelian architecture reflects their interest in dark arts, as building are often black, foreboding, and adorned in a ghastly manner. Being well-versed in dark matters and on friendly terms with the god of fear, Everett, has given them little to be afraid of. They are intelligent and quick thinking, which makes their lies sound smooth and natural. Sorelia are often mistaken for karelia and might be asked to help with a supernatural issue, with dire results.

This race is heavily featured in The Ever Fiend.