Kryll are one of the seven original humanoid species. Hear it pronounced.


They are excellent singers and have better hearing than most humanoids. Kryll are intelligent but tend toward “book smarts.” They are wiser than most due to listening more than talking. Their calmness causes charisma, as does their physical beauty and gracefulness. Unusual strength, agility, and dexterity all distinguish them as physically formidable, but their constitution is weaker due to the infrequency of needing endurance attributes. Kryllan morale in battle is excellent; even a retreat in battle is done orderly.


Averaging six inches taller than humans, kryll are powerfully built humanoids, with agile, muscular bodies capable of impressive acrobatics and martial arts. They are graceful and adept at climbing trees, have strong, large hands and feet, and are usually ambidextrous. Kryll are attractive, males being the epitome of masculinity, with a rugged, healthy vitality. Females are vibrant, feminine, strong, and equally passionate.

Adults typically have long hair adorned with ribbons, flowers, and intricate braids. The hair is often red like the preferred color of the four gods who created kryll, but black is also common. Kryllan facial features tend toward strong but not brutish brows, jaws, and chins, and larger mouths with full lips. Noses are straight. Eyes are serene, alert, and curious, and usually black.

Clothing is generally tight-fitting and moves with them to aid agility and prevent entanglement while moving in the trees. Attire often leaves little to the imagination and kryll lack modesty, thinking little of nudity.


Kryll prefer deep woodlands and can get closer to animals than others. They also live among heavily forested mountains. In tropical climates, kryll will live in rain forests and be at home, though visiting kryll find some places strange and fascinating.


Kryll are sometimes reluctant to use magic because it draws energy from their surroundings, which may hurt the environment the kryll love, but many kryllan magicians become powerful due to their keen understanding of this energy.


All species acknowledge Llurien’s twenty-eight gods. The four gods of the red sphere created kryll and heavily influence their outlook.

Lonnieri, God of Curiosity, Knowledge, Literature, Science, the Patron of Scholars

Lonnieri’s influence has turned kryll into scholars, with each having a subject to which they are devoted. In some societies, the kryll chooses this subject while it may be assigned in other. Other species seek guidance, sending messengers to kryllan homelands or asking for a subject matter expert to come.

Adarra Goddess of Aspiration, Talent, Accuracy, Skill, Fortune, the Patron of Adventurers

Adarra inspires kryllan physical prowess, as they master skills at faster speeds and to higher levels. They love formal and impromptu contests and are gracious, good sports. Kryll are accurate about research and decisions, always open to new information, even if it challenges previous conclusions.

Solon, God of Fairness, Justice, Loyalty, Duty, Obedience, the Patron of Kings and Rulers

Solon causes the infamous impartiality of kryll, who are notoriously reliable witnesses and judges. They cannot be bribed and believe in head-for-a-head justice. They are extremely loyal and obedient, making exceptional knights (partly from physical prowess).

Kriseri, Goddess of Peace, Wildness, Forests, Nature, Pools, the Patron of Hunters

The peacefulness of kryll comes from Kriseri. They appreciate and emulate nature and its harmony. Many kryllan pacifists will let nature take its course, including conflicts among species. They prefer being objective observers more than shaping life to meet preconceived ideas.


Kryll are a positive, content species respected for peacekeeping efforts, their knowledge, and their skills. Humans sometimes think kryll are arrogant. Kryll are often not trusted by humans in particular because solonon kryll (see below) might oppose human plans. Honesty is important to kryll because lies obscure knowledge.

Kriserian vs. Solonon

Kryll typically have one of two attitudes. They often wear the symbol of the god whose outlook they favor.

Some are heavily influenced by Kriseri, the goddess of peace, one of their creators. These “kriserian” kryll are pacifists. More extreme kriserians won’t defend themselves.

Others are strongly influenced by another creator, Solon, the god of fairness, and called “solonon” kryll. They dislike anyone taking action against another and will intervene. Doing so has caused them to defend jhaikan, riven, and daekais, making some humans decide all kryll are evil.


Kryll prefer fighting by hand and using special bracers called “kryllan hands” to protect arms and forearms from bladed weapons. Using weapons against their own kind is forbidden. Weapons of their own design are preferred and include the kryllan sword, kryllan bow, kryllan hands, and jhaikan-staff.

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