Those of Llurien have crafted weapons specifically for their bodies (or preferences) or to destroy those of their opponents.

Chaos Blades

Any magical weapons left in Everland can become corrupted and are thereafter known as Chaos Blades or Ever Blades (if a bladed weapon).


This 7-10 foot long staff is designed to fight jhaikan. It can be stored in multiple pieces and worn on the back, allowing kryll to travel more easily and perform acrobatics without removing it. A magic words assembles/disassembles it. Other magic words cause blades to protrude from either end (like a spear) or from the sides at the end (like a scythe).

Karelian Sword

The karelian sword is a double edged weapon with a sharp point. It can be used for slashing and thrusting. It ranges in size from 2-3 feet in length, roughly a foot shorter than the long sword; the short sword is two feet. Most have two grooves running the blade, one on each surface, making the sword lighter and more flexible. The handle is large enough for a karelia to use with both hands, but larger species cannot.

Kryllan Bow

This composite bow of metal, sinew, and bone is 2.5 feet long, are very accurate in kryllan hands, and are more powerful than expected for a small bow. They are difficult to draw and worn on the back when traveling, like the jhaikan-staff. Arrows won’t pierce armor but deadly accuracy allows kryll to hit exposed areas.

Kryllan Hands

From their time in trees and general agility, kryll dislike larger weapons because they interfere with climbing and acrobatics. They prefer martial arts and developed the kryllan hands, a pair of magically treated forearm bracers worn to the wrist. A magic word activates a gauntlet to cover the hands in skin-tight magical energy. The kryllan hands don’t work in magic voids or offer protection against magical weapons. Their martial arts fighting style is also called the Kryllan Hand (singular, capitalized).

Kryllan Sword

The kryllan sword is longer and heavier than a longsword and can be wielded with one or two hands due to the longer handle. It was designed to fight jhaikan, who are noticeably larger than kryll or other species. The blades are ideal for shearing limbs and heads. All such swords are called kryllan swords after their inventors, whether the sword was actually fashionable by kryll or not, meaning there are “true” kryllan swords and similar ones created by non-kryll.

Rhaikan Sword

Named for the race of rhaikan, this large sword fits the hand of these 7-9 foot tall warriors. Most other species need two hands to wield one. In the hands of rhaikan, or jhaikan (who must steal one from them), the rhaikan sword can cut people and horses in half with little effort.

Talon Glove

Daekais often use a talon-glove to kill the great birds. They sometimes use it on other prey. When not in use, it is tied to a belt they wear. The talon-glove has two large, steel prongs extending like a pinky and index finger and curving to a hook at the ends. It’s good for latching onto something or tearing hunks of flesh and eyes out.