Each Llurien god embodies a set of related personality traits. For example, the goddess of passion is also concerned with love, lust, devotion, heat, and conviction.

Gods of Llurien
The Gods of Llurien

Llurien has twenty-eight gods. They are divided into seven spheres, each sphere associated with a spectrum color (ROYGBIV) and containing four gods. All four gods in a sphere are of the same disposition (benevolent, nefarious, or ambivalent).

Three spheres contain benevolent gods (for a total of twelve), three contain nefarious gods (another twelve), and one contains ambivalent gods (four gods). These seven spheres created the Seven Fates and the seven humanoid species of Llurien. Each species is dominated by the combined traits of the four gods who created it. As a result, three species are benevolent (karelia, mandeans, and querra), three are nefarious (daekais, riven, and jhaikan), and one is ambivalent (kryll).

All twenty-eight gods created the eighth species, humans, who are the only one equally capable of being good or evil. The gods also created animals, plants, and some of the humanoid races.

For more information, read about the gods of each sphere, who are organized by alignment, sphere and then the seasons (from left to right, starting with Spring) on this page:

Benevolent Gods

Green Sphere

Creators of karelia.

Tarrera – Truth

Sorrin – Vitality

Coiryn – Courage

Scrylyn – Intuition

Indigo Sphere

Creators of mandeans.

Krisira – Innocence

Fjora – Passion

Lierein – Expression

Vylorn – Unity

Yellow Sphere

Creators of querra.

Daedras – Inspiration

Darra – Empathy

Kojen – Rejuvenation

Timonen – Patience

Ambivalent Gods

Red Sphere

Creators of kryll.

Lonnieri – Curiosity

Adarra – Aspiration

Solon – Fairness

Kriseri – Peace

Nefarious Gods

Orange Sphere

Creators of daekais.

Moiryn – Deception

Neistrum – Greed

Ronkainen – Envy

Everett – Fear

Violet Sphere

Creators of riven.

Blaeynlor – Haste

Mooryndal – Hate

Ilioth – Cynicism

Raekynlor – Sloth

Blue Sphere

Creators of jhaikan.

Okier, God of Wrath

Loiria, Goddess of Malice

Araiya, God of Cunning

Krairon, God of Domination


Seasons and Elements Among the Gods

Every god is associated with a season and element. A god of summer is always a god of fire, too. A god of spring is an air god. An autumn god is of earth, and a winter god is of water.

The four gods of a single sphere represent all four seasons and elements, and these gods are listed above in order of spring/air to winter/water.

A god’s traits determine their seasonal/elemental preference. For example, the goddess of love is a summer/fire deity for obvious reasons regarding passion.

The City of the Gods

The gods live in the City of the Gods, also called Sorrairyn, which is organized into seven areas, as seen below.

The gods take an interest in the affairs of Llurien and influence its inhabitants. They seldom appear directly, though this depends on the god. They grant healing power to the species they created via prayer. They prefer causing visions or communicating through their priests or sorrairyn, but they may be reached through prayer or by someone journeying to where they live through a Moon Gate.

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