Sorelia are a race of the karelia species. Hear it pronounced.


The attributes of the sorelian race are just like those of karelia except as specified here. Just as karelia means “night walker,” sorelia means “death walker.”

Sorelia have the same navigational skills as karelia but will purposely give someone wrong directions. Like karelia, they can sense someone’s future, but they are typically wrong with their interpretation or purposely mislead someone. Sorelia are often mistaken for karelia and might be asked to help with a supernatural issue, with dire results.

They are intelligent and quick thinking, which makes their lies sound smooth and natural. Their wisdom manifests as an understanding of how to better their own lives at the expense of others, without compassion. Their charisma, strength, constitution, agility, and dexterity are comparable to karelia. Being well-versed in dark matters and on friendly terms with the god of fear, Everett, has given them little to be afraid of.


Sorelia are physically identical to karelia except for random iris colors. It is impossible to tell them apart except for demeanor, actions, and words. Karelia can often sense the truth.

As sorelia are moodier than karelia, their lateral lines react more often to their moods. The lines are also less likely to be symmetrical on each side of the face. They appreciate food as karelia do, but too much so, often becoming addicted to something. They’re sometimes overweight from indulgence.


Sorelian architecture reflects their interest in dark arts, as building are often black, foreboding, and adorned in a ghastly manner, with things like skulls and bones, or fantastic scenes of horror. All settlements are very well guarded with traps and living and even undead guards or spirits under thrall, the latter known as the Sorelian Guard. Sorelia are not welcome in most joint settlements and must pretend to be karelia.


Sorelia are adept at magic but sometimes hasty and cause failure or unintended side effects. Wizards often have spells that no one else has, and sorcerers specialize in forbidden talents. They have often tried to visit supernatural places, but these are guarded by karelia.


While karelia were created by the gods of the green sphere, the sorelia are equally influenced by them but are corrupted by Ronkainen.

Tarrera, Goddess of Truth, Prophecy, Fate, Testing

Sorelia sense the truth but choose to ignore it or use it to their advantage, manipulating others. It is difficult to fool sorelia but easy for them to fool others.

Sorrin, God of Energy, Vitality, Youth, Exuberance, Spirit, Speed, Magic, Lightning, Regeneration

Sorelia have less energy than karelia. They can be hasty, which results in badly done magic. Their enthusiasm for dark matters can get the better of them so that they lose self-control.

Coiryn, God of Courage, Protection, Honor, Guardians, Heroes, Victory

Sorelia liars because others think they’re truth-telling karelia and will believe them. Sorelia only honor themselves and are concerned with their own victory.

Scrylyn, Goddess of Intuition, Navigation, Sixth Sense, Superstition, Stars, Moons

Sorelia sense how to manipulate others and are prone to superstitions about their behavior. Unlike karelia, their direction sense sometimes fails them.


Their society is an absolute monarchy that is hereditary. Sorelia can be ruthless about advancing themselves and their family, but they don’t typically resort to things like murder. This restriction is honored out of an idea that the rest of Llurien is their enemy, not each other, so they avoid killing their own kind.


Sorelia are almost as skilled as karelia, but the later has access to training help from kryll. There are otherwise no real differences between them, except that karelia have honor and sorelia don’t, meaning they’ll use tactics a karelia never would.