Llurien has a diverse range of animals, from carrion birds to trainable big cats and giant lumbering pack animals.


A large, hairy, smelly, four-legged herbivore mammal found in northern climates. Used to pull wagons in caravans. Their large tusks and pelts are prized. Hear it pronounced.


A large bird of prey used for transportation, casual riding, and sometimes war. Florin birds are tamer than the larger perrin birds. They are up to 23 feet long, stand 14 feet tall, have a wingspan of over 40 feet, and are up to 150 pounds, being able to carry twice their weight.


A herbivore with antlers and long, powerful legs and compact bodies, being excellent swimmers and jumpers. Often found in forests and hunted for their meat.


A very large, hairy, forest-dwelling omnivore with four stocky legs, a long snout, and big paws with retractable claws and long tail. Hunted for fur and meat. Hear it pronounced.

Kessar fish

A cleaner fish that eats dead scales and parasites from sleeping mandeans, they are several inches long, narrow, and have a bright red stripe along the sides.


An ill-manned mountain bovine with two curved horns that are used to ram anyone or anything entering its territory. Prized for milk (used for cheeses), skins, and their wool. Their waste is known to be especially smelly, resulting in the popular expression, “kerr shit.”


An apex sea predator, kraven are large fish with four to nine gill slits on their heads. They can lie motionless or stop swimming with no ill effects.


A carnivorous, web-footed lizard that live in swamps and rivers, where they feed on anything that enters or comes near the waters. They swim and run fast but are short in height but over twenty feet long. Shoes, belts, bag, and hats are made from their leathery skins. Hear it pronounced.


A large, black, bald-headed carrion bird with a white underbelly. They will attack sick or wounded animals and can spit corrosive vomit as a weapon or in defense. Hear it pronounced.


A large, maneless, carnivorous cat (some as large as a horse) that can be trained in battle tactics and bonded to its owner. Mynx can wear armor, follow commands, and communicate threats to their owner with different vocalizations.


A large bird of prey used for war, named for the Perrin Kingdom on Llorus. Perrin birds are fiercer than the smaller florin birds and too hard for anyone but trained riders, preferably warriors, to control. They are up to 31 feet long, stand almost 20 feet tall, have a wingspan of 57 feet, and are up to 200 pounds, being able to carry twice their weight.


Medium-sized birds prized for their eggs and meat and found especially in port cities, where they eat seeds, fruits, insects, worms, and scraps from humanoid species. Can be trained to carry messages and are highly maneuverable in flight. Hear it pronounced.

Siaran Wingfish

Found in the Antaran Sea north of the continent Llorus and the Kingdom of Siara, the foot long, blue fish with golden stripes has retractable wings and up to eight poisonous spines on its back. These are used by mandeans as a weapon to stun fish or people. It can leap from the water for a hundred yards.


Up to thirty feet long, this herbivore lizard is broad, slow, and can be tamed, often used as a draft animal in humid climates.


A mid-sized, ferocious omnivore with four legs, curved tusks and a bad attitude. Prized for their tusks and meat. Preyed on by giant birds and cats (the mynx).

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