The vegetation on Llurien is familiar, strange, and sometimes more alive than you’d like it to be.


A deciduous tree growing 30-150 feet tall, used for syrup and bows. Hear it pronounced.

Baeshoran Pine

A decay-resistant conifer found in colder climates and used for ship decking, floors, and furniture. Named for the Kingdom of Baeshor on the southern tip of Llorus, but found elsewhere. Some humanoid species eat the inner bark, called kandi, as a snack or use it as seasoning in food. Hear it pronounced.


A staple plant covered in tight leaves, under which are kernals that can be boiled and eaten.


Giant conifer trees over a thousand feet tall, this is where the humanoid species of kryll prefer to live. Kryllan towers in cities imitate these.


A mid-sized, tree found in temperate climates. The leaves are used as kraven bane by mandeans.


A yellow, juicy citrus fruit with an inedible, thick skin that’s poisonous but not fatal unless a concentrated dose is administered. Makes juna juice and can be eaten as a snack.


The soft, moist, white inner back of the Baeshoran Pine tree, eaten as a snack or dried and ground into powder used as seasoning.

Kona Leech

A predatory vined plant in the darkshade family. It slowly feeds on the blood of creatures it captures, which it renders docile with a secretion to calm them. Victims die of starvation or dehydration, as the plant wants they to live as long as possible. The plant is mobile, moving from tree to tree and hanging over trails.


An edible vegetable eaten raw or cooked, and used in many dishes, sauces, and drinks.

Kysh Tree

Found in the kingdom/empire of the same name, this tall, wide tree has drooping, flowering branches. Females often wear he flowers in their hair.


A blue and white flower, unpleasant to smell, it’s a form of riven bane. It’s pollen can be used to put people to sleep. Hear it pronounced.

Linganore Trees
Linganore Trees

Linganore Trees

Believed to only grow in Everland in a grove surrounding the Ever Fiend’s Black Tower. Black trunks and blood red leaves. The trees are sentient and can move, barring passage, trapping people, or killing them. Hear it pronounced.


A tall annual plant with two large, flowering heads of silver petals with a black circle in the middle. The flowers always face the moons, turning to do so, even with heavy cloud cover. Can be used to make butter and oil. The seeds are frequently chewed, discoloring teeth.


A small, yellow nut with a hard shell that must be pried open to reach the salty nut, eaten as a snack.


A tree-growing fruit that can create a strong, semi-sweet white wine. The leaves can be smoked to produce a hallucinatory state and is usually done with an “olin stick.”


A staple cereal grain used for making bread, noodles, cookies, cakes, pasta, and alcohol (after fermentation).


A staple cereal grain usually grown by querra, who don’t mind the considerable labor to produce it. Sometimes called “querran riva” as a result.

Riven Bane

A variety of plants that are poisonous or an irritant to riven. They are often planted around locations to keep riven out. The plants have been mostly developed/discovered by querra.


A starchy vegetable that can be baked or boiled a served whole or in think wafers called rosun chips. Can be used to brew alcohol.

Shining Leaf

Named for the Shining Grove in Everland where the trees grow, these leaves are useful in spells. They resulted from daekais dying and decomposing in the tree branches.

Siaran Oak

From the Kingdom of Siara, this deciduous tree lives a thousand years and is used for building ships (keels, framing), great bows, bows, and all manner of buildings. Produces oak nuts that are poisonous to livestock. Hear it pronounced.

Siaran Vine

A form of riven bane, this shiny green vine produces small green flowers. The vine frequently covers city walls and gates to keep riven out.


A highly toxic plant in the darkshade family, this poisonous plant has five black petals with silver, bioluminescent lines emanating from the center. Candles made with it can put people to sleep, in a coma, or the grave. Also used to dull pain. Hear it pronounced.


A deciduous tree found in temperate climates, this small tree or shrub is used for paper and firewood.


A purple flower with four petals, found in warm climates. Talender oil is sweetly scented with the petals. Associated with the goddess of passion and used as a perfume and aphrodisiac.

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