Humans are the eighth species the gods created. Only issues relating to the other species of Llurien are discussed on this page because you presumably know what a human is.


There are no restrictions on Llurien humans; for example, they can become any kind of magician, master any weapon if desired, and explore or live anywhere. The humans are the only species created by all twenty-eight gods and are equally influenced by all of them. Each human will chose which one god(s) to pay homage to. The human language is also called Antarian and is the common tongue across all Llurien despite any changes in dialect from region to region. They are capable of speaking every language except mandean and jhaikan. They can also read and write every language, depending on education.

Humans are sometimes called Antarians after the first male and female, Antar and Taria, but Antaria is also the name of a continent (the one where the gods created the species). On other continents, any person from Antaria, whether human or not, can be called an Antarian. This has the potential to be confusing and is generally avoided unless the person referred to is also human. Talon Stormbringer, a human from Antaria, has been called Talon the Antarian when he’s on another continent, in which case the reference is to both his origins and species, though the title typically means the former. A kryll from an Antaria can be called Antarian, in which case it is assumed the reference is to his origins, not species.

Humans are among the taller species. Querra, kais, karelia, and riven are all shorter. Mandeans, kryll, and jhaikan are taller (the latter by one to three feet).


Among Humans

Some humans engage in wishful thinking that they’re all basically good despite evidence to the contrary and knowing that all the gods created them, not just the good ones. This puts them at greater conflict with each other. Humans are more emotional partly from trying to resist temptations and enduring painful illusions, making pain and pleasure more intense. Due to their distrust of each other, when a bond is formed, it is often strong. The challenges humanity faces has led others to nickname humans “living steel.”

Among Humanoids

As a result of all the gods creating them, humans are the most unpredictable, exhibiting both benevolent and nefarious traits. This has made them the sympathy of karelia, mandeans, querra, and some kryll, while jhaikan delight in human corruptibility. Riven are largely indifferent to matters of character, as are most daekais. Humans are the most untrusted species because one never knows how a human will behave from moment to moment, and each human must be judged on their own merits, much more so than other species; it is safe to assume a jhaikan is up to no good, for example. Some species appreciate the greater diversity humans show despite the risks inherent in human interaction. To many, humans are the most in need of the ability to accurately assess each other’s character while also the least able to do so reliably, causing some pity.

Most humans hate and fear daekais, who pose a considerable and unpredictable threat to travelers, caravans and poorly defended settlements. Daekais are known to be self-centered, greedy, ignorant and amoral, causing humans to say to each other, in times of great disagreement, that “I can see the daekais in you.”

Humans greatly fear jhaikan, who are certain death to untrained warriors. Humans who are up to no good often seek council from jhaikan on how to manipulate others, at a steep price. Jhaikan have also spent many years trying to convince humans that they are not all bad, so as to infiltrate cities.

Karelian honesty can make humans in particular uncomfortable. They are tactful but have learned that humans often resent the truth.

Kryll and most humans get along well, but those up to no good dislike kryll, who will do things like testify against them, take someone else’s side, and seem arrogant to insecure humans.

Many mandeans minimize contact with humans, who try to take advantage of their innocent nature. They find humans inconsistent, unreliable, complicated, and hard to understand. Humans are one of the few species that inquire about the sea, mostly to exploit it and not give back, so mandeans have learned to trust their instincts about whether a particular human seems to be good or evil.

Humans are glad for the common presence of morkais. Some dislike morkais for their interference and spying/reporting on their activities and whereabouts. Others distrust morkais because the race was born of daekais. Morkais are mostly fond of humans but understand that each must be judged on their own merits, and they are quick to sense when a human is ill-mannered or behaved.

Humans have tried to exploit querran generosity, but querra have learned to deal with humans on their own terms. Querra find humans exasperating for their lack of wisdom and peacefulness, always in a rush to judge and act.

Humans have little to do with riven due to fear of disease, which inspire efforts to rid areas near settlements of riven.

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