Warders are those who have taken it upon themselves to right the world’s wrongs. They seek no reward, but do the right thing for the right reason. Their character is usually beyond reproach. They can be any class (warrior, wizard, priest, etc.), and are usually wearing their magical warder ring.

No one is more respected – and feared – than a warder.


Most warders are humans, with fewer numbers of kryll and karelia and the occasional morkais. Querra do not fight and mandeans are relegated to the sea, so they do not become warders, generally. It is also unheard of for reformed races like rhaikan to become one, though it is not impossible.

Each warder acts independently, and there is almost no real organization, but they do cooperate with each other and sometimes gather to trade information and band together, if only briefly. A few among them are considered elders who have the right to grant a warder ring – the official sign of recognition – to a worthy individual. Only rarely do they gather at Nylarn, the floating morkais city on the southern coast of Antaria.

In many sovereign powers, they are accepted as heroes who can pay for all food, lodging and more with Signet Gold – an official seal on their warder ring, and which means the kingdom will repay those who’ve aided them. They can commandeer just about anything as needed but are known for their restraint in doing so.

Existing warders invite individuals who have already voluntarily resolved serious problems to become one. This extraordinary honor is seldom refused because it is offered to those who already perform such work, and who will now have privileges and assistance for doing so, making it easy to continue.