The Divine Covenant

The Divine Covenant is an agreement between the gods of Llurien.


After the seven spheres of gods had created the seven species, they realized that no single species equally represented all of them, so they jointly created the eighth species, humans.

One day, several gods found themselves admiring the physical attributes of the daekais species, who the gods of the orange sphere (deception, greed, envy, and fear) had created. Not liking daekais‘ disposition, they lamented that a more benevolent version of them didn’t exist.

Overhearing this, three of daekais’ creators, Moiryn, Neistrum, and Everett, appeared and offered a solution: they would offer a male and female daekais who could be turned into another, more benevolent life form (morkais), but they wanted something in exchange, causing an extended debate among the gods.

The Debate

What they wanted in return was to allow spirits to exist outside bodies, either before or after death. This broke an established assumption the gods had followed when creating life, that all spirits would be reborn into another life. The other deities appeared to take up the debate, raising and resolving several concerns, including:


Spirits could cause supernatural damage to the species, who were unable to protect themselves, but if they were given magic, that would change. The god of energy became the god of magic and agreed to limit the species’ access to magic.


Both spirits and magic could cause supernatural damage that nothing but the power of the gods could heal. The gods have to allow their power to flow through the species to do this.


But the species had so far been largely ignoring the gods, so why grant these powerful gifts? The species would have to honor, worship, and pray to the gods and teach about them first, creating religions.

The Orb of Souls

The remaining issue was that spirits should not be allowed to wander free forever, possibly in torment. The species should take it upon themselves to resolve spiritual matters, but the nefarious ones could not be relied upon, nor could the humans, kryll, mandeans, or querra. That left karelia, who agreed to take up this task, tracking down and subduing ghosts.

The gods created the Orb of Souls: a place for karelia to send captured spirits to be cleansed before appearing before Solon to be judged and sent to an afterlife.

The Seven Fates

It soon became apparent that every human needed to be judged upon death to determine their afterlife, with Solon, god of fairness, taking up this task. The seven spheres created the Seven Fates for humans, further deciding that the benevolent species could also enjoy the more pleasant afterlives of Leisiran, Sorrairyn, and the original fate for all life, Daeijonen.

The Divine Covenant

The deal being made, the gods created the race of morkais from the daekais species, which subsequently became thought of as a race of the kais species. Magic and healing were given to the species/races, who created religions. Karelia had their sixth sense augmented and were given supernatural skills, and the Orb of Souls was created, along with the Seven Fates.

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