Querra are one of the seven original humanoid species. Hear it pronounced.


Querra run so fast that everything else is compared to them; they also travel so slow that everything is compared to them. They are the world’s best cooks, winemakers, engineers, gardeners, and farmers.

They are very alert and observant, keeping their wits about them. They can smell and feel weather changes. Many querra are vegetarians. All of their senses are sharp. They are keen players of valend cards. Querra whistle while working and their voices are high like children, a comparison aided by their carefree demeanor.

They can smell and feel weather changes and are environmentally conscious. Many are vegetarians. Their engineering skills are highly sought after, with querra having designed, or re-engineered, many of Llurien’s joint settlements.

Their engineering skills show their smarts. Querra are the wisest species and have excellent stamina and better resistance to sickness. Their agility and dexterity are average. They appear to have terrible morale because they flee from most threats, but they can be quite brave.


Querra are three to four feet tall and slim. Many are perpetually dirty from farming or gardening. Their demeanor is very pleasant and friendly, even impish.

Querra have round faces with full cheeks and lips. Their teeth are often stained with the various plants and moonflower seeds they chew. Noses tend toward wide but not flat, with a rounded end. Their eyes are hazel (like the gods who made them), brown, or bright blue, and sometimes a little too close together. Their hair is often braided and pulled behind the ears or head.

Querra have broad, strong backs. Their feet are often bare or covered in tightfitting, slip-on shoes. Their grips are stronger than expected, the hands rough, callused, and dirty. Querra are always well tanned. Querran clothing is simple; they like bright colors and to decorate themselves with flowers.


Querra prefer rolling hills due to their beauty. A dessert is a querra’s worst nightmare. Querra can be found in forests, tropical or otherwise. They enjoy hot to moderate climates.

Many querran settlements are made of above ground buildings and interconnected, underground burrows. Farmland surrounds querran settlements. Querra do not own their homes, which belong equally to all. They switch homes almost daily, often sharing with other families.


Querran wizards are uncommon because so many spells are related to military uses or serious matters that don’t interest them. Sorcerers are more common because this takes no training. These sorcerers are adept at magic involving the elements, especially earth, due to their deep bond with Llurien.


All species acknowledge Llurien’s twenty-eight gods. The four gods of the yellow sphere created querra and heavily influence their outlook.

Daedras, God of Creation, Construction, Craft, Artifice, Patron of Builders

Daedras’ influence makes querra want to create, which shows itself in gardening, cooking, architecture, and agriculture. Everything from little touches to the overall impression is considered. They invented the wagon, water wheel, crossbow and other weapons.

Darra, Goddess of Pleasure, Joy, Affection, Kindness, Play, Dance, Patron of Festivals

The influence of Darra inspires perpetual running around, throwing things, making a lot of noise, and driving people crazy. The joy of life consumes them. They understand that more can be gained through kindness than force. They are welcome at festive occasions.

Kojen, Goddess of Nourishment, Agriculture, Growth, Renewal, Patron of Farmers

Kojen inspires querran fascination with everything agricultural, the querra ideas of universality, and their disinterest in possessions. Querra are aghast by the destruction of any living thing. They are healthier than other species and can toil long hours without exhaustion. They also resist disease better.

Timonen, God of Patience, Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, Listening, Tolerance, Patron of the Wise

Querra are the wisest species. They will wait for evidence to present itself rather than trying to force conclusions or jump to conclusions that they then try to prove, a practice they disapprove of. They enjoy a philosophical conversation.


They have good direction sense. They only grow what they need, freely giving what they have to other querra and others, but they’ve come to understand how humans do things (being capitalists), and grow a surplus just to trade with humans. They love playing valend cards but don’t gamble or keep score.

Querra pass most information down verbally but do have a written language. They can usually only read and write querran and Antarian, but they speak everything to some degree. Many querra are illiterate, however.

Querra see death as part of the lifecycle and do not fear it. They celebrate the life of the dead with elaborate parties. Querra are buried somewhere lovely, in a shroud, with no headstone, the site not marked; there are no querran graveyards.


Nothing is faster than querra, who don’t believe in property or territory and feel no need to defend it. They scatter in all directions. They’re very good at using a staff to defend themselves and wound opponents, smashing a knee. They’re also adept at slings, bows, and crossbows, which they hunt with. They never wear armor except for leather.

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