Kadeans are a race of the mandean species. They are the result of a plot by the gods of hate, domination, and cunning to prevent mandeans from having uncontested control of the seas. A group of mandeans were forced to drink a brew that changed their character and those of their descendants forever. Hear it pronounced.


Kadeans have learned to tame and teach the great birds, so while it’s rare to see one on the back of a bird, it does happen. Kadeans have used this to great effect in the Kadean Sea and elsewhere if they have a substantial island to use as a base


Kadeans are physically identical to mandeans and are impossible to tell apart except for behavior, demeanor, and clothing. Kadeans are more likely to wear light armor.


Kadeans are found in both fresh and salt water throughout Llurien; hybrids are rare. They don’t permanently dwell on land but will use it as needed, whether for supply, interaction, military reasons, or as a habitat for prisoners. Kadeans are found in all climates but prefer warmer ones. Known kadeans aren’t allowed in joint settlements


Kadeans are more adept at wizardry than mandeans due to increased interest in conquest. They suffer from less training due to no one wanting to teach them and any kadeans who pretends to be a mandean to acquire training cannot keep up the ruse long enough. They otherwise focus on many of the sea-controlling spells as their species.


Kadeans are an altered version of mandeans and therefore have the same creators and influences, but those have been twisted as explained here.

Krisira, Goddess of Innocence, Hope, Naivety, Spring, Birth, Dawn, and Marriage

Their only sign of hope is in regards to the plans and missions to overtake the sea and shorelines, while infiltrating rivers as far upstream as they can. They are optimistic about these things and sometimes make foolish plans, which is seemingly the only trace of innocence left in kadeans.

Fjora, Goddess of Passion, Love, Conviction, Devotion, Intensity, Lust, Heat

Kadeans cannot be convinced they are wrong about anything. They are intense fighters, physically and verbally. Kadeans have a hard time taking prisoners because they get carried away, so they’ve been known to kill someone they wanted to capture.

Lierein, God of Expression, Art, Song, Music, Eloquence, Poetry

Kadean enjoy poetic justice, whether theirs or someone else’s, and this can be used to convince them to undertake a mission.

Vylorn, God of Unity, Solidarity, Water, Waves, Sea Winds

The god of unity has kadeans united in their desires and plans, there being little dissent among them. This is another reason their plans can go wrong, as they aren’t inclined to question an idea another has put forth.


Kadean society is based on mutual conquest of the sea for the betterment of kadeans and, more importantly, the interference with mandeans and other species who try to use the sea. To this end, they conspire to track and follow all ships and monitor ports. They interfere with fishing attempts, whether large vessels or individuals. This happens on lakes, rivers, and the sea.

Like mandeans, they have little structure to their society because their strong unity eliminates the need for formal organization. Kadeans know mandeans and the Mandean Hand, though they’ve developed their own symbols so they can communicate without mandeans understanding. They can usually speak Antarian, and sometimes read and write it, but don’t bother with other languages.


Their favorite way to dispatch someone is to drown them. They routinely knock sailors off ships to other kadeans surrounding it. They are adept at leaping from the water to land on ship decks.