Niquerra are a race of the querra species. Hear it pronounced.


The god of greed, Neistrum, cursed a group of querra to be obsessed with greed because the species is beyond his ability to influence. The resulting race, niquerra, tunneled into mountains in search of precious gems and metals. They spread across Llurien, being found in almost every mountain range or solitary peak, often with great cities built beneath the stone.

Niquerra are smart but have a closed society and world view that keeps them ignorant. Niquerra are not given to introspection. While they are physically attractive, the greed that marks niquerra makes them intense, suspicious of others, and unattractive. Niquerra are often stronger than querra due to their physical labors. They have excellent endurance but easily catch and spread sickness. They have excellent dexterity and morale.


Niquerra are physically identical to querra except for habitat-induced changes. They see very well in poor ligh, their eyes black, gray, or yellow. They are pale, their hair dark brown or black.  They wear tailored and embroidered fine fabrics like silk, with expensive belts, sashes, shoes and purses. Every finger, wrist, ankle, neckline and more is adorned with jewelry. They never believe in too much and are considered very gaudy.


Niquerra spend most of the lives deep under mountains, in natural caverns or rooms they’ve created. They are largely indifferent to climate but are prone to overheating in humid climates.

Master stone cutters can be hired by joint settlements, and it’s one way niquerra gain wealth, status, and reputation. Niquerran homes are prized and passed down over generations. To trade with niquerra, one most generally go to them; outside the mountain entrances are small fairs called Shadow Fairs.


The birth of any magician is met with great acclaim, since this gives an advantage in finding ways to steal from other tribes, find valuables in the earth, or protect against defense. Magicians can easily rise in social standing, possibly raising their family, too. Magicians frequently use their ability to create caverns and passage ways—sometimes in places that were hard to work in or get to.


All species acknowledge Llurien’s twenty-eight gods. Niquerra were made by the same gods as other querra but have had their nature altered by the influence of Neistrum.

Daedras, God of Creation, Construction, Craft, Artifice

In niquerra, Daedras’ influence inspires them to create exceptional, highly prized art from gems, stone, precious materials, and forest items such as wood.

Darra, Goddess of Pleasure, Joy, Happiness, Affection, Kindness, Beauty, Play, Dance

Darra’s playfulness is not apparent in niquerra except for the whimsical and fantastic nature of their artwork. They do engage in games, typically for gambling as the motive.

Kojen, Goddess of Nourishment, Agriculture, Growth, Renewal

Kojen’s influence is largely absent from niquerra. They respect and honor the life-giving nature of volcanoes, the source of much rock and gems. They feel Kojen has buried these gifts deep in their earth and that it’s their job to recover them.

Timonen, God of Patience, Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, Listening, Tolerance, Industry

Niquerra are patient about creating their artwork, never rushing or making sloppy mistakes. They are not at all patient about acquiring more wealth, but they’re patient about social climbing, seeing these as a kind of art.


Niquerra society is highly rigid and a constitutional monarchy. They recognize everyone desires more wealth and would give in to stealing from each other all the time, resulting in the anarchy of daekais. To avoid this, laws abound in a very strict society where everyone has their place, which they are born into and can only rise out of with marriage or great skill or talent for something highly prized. There is a great amount of scheming to get ahead. They are among the most isolated of races.

Marriage is most for financial reasons and is very celebrated because both spouses gain the wealth of the other. Divorce is rare; no one wants to lose wealth. Affairs are common and not even hidden. Niquerra are also fiercely determined to keep their wealth in the family and pass it down to children, which is far more preferred than passing it to a spouse that might be despised


Niquerra use hammers, maces, and flails as their primary weapons, with the first being most common. It’s considered better to crush the bones of riven them to make them bleed, which might spread disease. Jhaikan seem to love the smell of blood, which is shed less frequently with blunt weapons. They also use slings and all manner of bows. They excel at creating arrows and fashioning perfect rocks for slings; these are sometimes sold to morkais.