Winged Riders

Winged riders act as aerial warriors, scouts, and messengers, aligned with a settlement or sovereign power, which provides their very expensive mounts, the florin birds. It is only during times of war or potential battles that they operate more formal aerial units.

To see winged riders in action, read Death Singer, which shows the birds and riders in some detail, including a training session for the uninitiated, and at least one aerial pursuit.


Most riders are human, with a few kryll and karelia, who make excellent night scouts. All are considered brave and are known as the best archers, sling users, and knife throwers due to being on a flying bird and often aiming at a moving target.

In the wilderness, they make use of Winged Towers when able; these structures can only be entered from above, and provide protection when they need to land. They must contend with aerial attacks by daekais, great birds like perrins, or other prey. In settlements, their mounts are usually kept in a Florin House, a tall tower with multiples perches jutting from the sides.

In addition to Antarian (human), they can often speak querran, karelian, and kryllan, and can read important jhaikan symbols that might be used to mark territory.

They carry multiple throwing knives, a short sword, a short bow or crossbow, and a spear. To reduce weight, they usually wear leather armor or light chainmail, and have a small, light shield (usually wooden).

All freely exchange information on conditions on the ground and in the sky with those they meet. They will also provide arrows to another rider who has none.