Rhaikan are a race of the jhaikan species.


The gods of truth, empathy, peace, and fairness created rhaikan  because they were unhappy with the way some gods had tampered, in their view, with benevolent species, resulting in sorelia, kadeans, and niquerra races who are hostile. The existence of these races have made it harder for other species to trust each other. To strike a balance, they decided to alter a community of jhaikan. The resulting rhaikan slowly spread across Llurien.


Rhaikan are physically identical to jhaikan with the exception of iris color, which is almost never blue, like jhaikan. They keep talons on hands and feet shorn, particularly the latter, to appear less threatening. Rhaikan adopt clothing styles of their settlement, tailored to their own large frames. They tend to dress fashionably and neatly to cultivate an appearance of calmness, order, and being non-threatening.


Rhaikan terrain preferences are similar to jhaikan, being forests and mountains. Their preferences for climate are like those of jhaikan, but since they often live indoors, they are more tolerant of extremes. Their rare settlements have classic lines and geometric shapes to create an appearance of order and strength. Rhaikan are usually found in joint settlements.


Rhaikan are more capable of magic than jhaikan due to their increased calmness, focus, and access education. Sorcerers tend to be less powerful than jhaikan, who hurl themselves into magic with a ferocity that makes them stronger.


While the gods of the blue sphere created jhaikan, the gods who altered them into rhaikan changed their character completely so that there’s little trace of their origins.

Tarrera, Goddess of Truth, Prophecy, Fate, Testing

Tarrera has compelled rhaikan to seek the truth in all intellectual matters, their honesty being a reason they’re accepted in civilized society. They’re good at discussing how they feel and trying to understand the emotions of others.

Darra, Goddess of Pleasure, Joy, Happiness, Affection, Kindness, Beauty, Play, Dance

Darra has helped make rhaikan a happy race that enjoys laughter, pranks, and games. While rhaikan are kind in many ways. They take pleasure in the arts, food, and social connections.

Solon, God of Fairness, Justice, Loyalty, Duty, Obedience

They never take advantage of anyone. They defend people physically and in arguments. They seek justice in their own dealings and from those around them. Rhaikan knights are well regarded and trusted. They are obedient and follow orders from commanders without fail.

Kriseri, Goddess of Peace, Wildness, Forests, Nature, Pools

Kriseri is considered a vital influence on rhaikan. Their peacefulness affects their minds and emotions. The menace of jhaikan is also noticeably absent, and this is a major factor people look for in them.


Most rhaikan live in joint settlements because they won’t be trusted by other species if they don’t. When it exists, their society is pleasant and welcoming. Marriages and other things between them tend to be formal and long lasting.

Rhaikan learn many languages partly to show respect and their interest in peaceful relationships with others. They speak Antarian, jhaikan, karelia, querra, kryllan, usually kais, and often know the Mandean Hand. They can read the first two and often parts of the others. Next to morkais, they know more languages than any other race or species.


Military rhaikan still have their talons long, but many others do not. Many rhaikan become knights and are among the best fighters, though dexterity interferes with using bows. They are good swordsmen but need special rhaikan swords to fig their larger hands. These are huge swords that others must use with two hands. There are actual two-handed swords, too, and these can cut a horse in half with one stroke.