While always present, supernatural forces on Llurien have been met with different attitudes throughout history.  There are two main classes of magic users: wizards and sorcerers.

As stories are published, more items will be added below, with an incomplete list of which stories items appear in.

Magic Voids

A magic void is a [usually] naturally occurring area where magic does not work. Spells fail, including ones already cast. Magic items may lose their magic, usually temporarily. Karelian senses are also muted. The voids are often used for magician prisons.

Moon Gates

Llurien’s Moon Gates are magic portals that are powered by the moons. They must be located where moonlight can strike their silver frames, which absorb the light much like solar power works on Earth. This makes them vulnerable to attack from above, and most are well-guarded, particularly if standing in an important place.

Priests of Scrylyn, the goddess of intuition (and the stars, moons, and navigation) usually operate these gates, but anyone who knows the spell can do so. Some Moon Gates only go to one or more fixed locations, but others can be made to go to any other Moon Gate. Powerful magic users can make a gate do whatever they want.

Some stories featuring Moon Gates: The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer), Death Singer.

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