The continent Llorus straddles the equator, with most of the land south of it; the equator passes through the Sea of Fire.  The nearest continent is Antaria to the north across the Antaran Sea. Hear it pronounced.

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The Sovereign Powers

There are seventeen sovereign powers on Llorus, with seven being part of the Empire of Kysh. They aren’t presented in alphabetical order below, but from northwest to northeast (left to right) above the Sea of Fire.  Then south down the eastern coast, and finally from within the Empire of Kysh, again left to right and working southward.  This is mostly to keep the discussion of neighbors together.


ErizonErizon is an oligarchy where only those with magical power can be in government.  The Black Tower in the Wizarding Woods is where the ruler lives.  Unlike many other powers, Erizon allows the nefarious species more freedom here so that life is more perilous.

Erizon has long been enemies with Siara, a federal republic with great freedom for its citizens, to the east.  Both are seafaring powers who have clashed many times in the Antaran Sea.  Erizon tries to thwart all attempts by Siara to sail around the northwestern corner of Llorus and down toward Niora and the Empire of Kysh beyond.  One result is that Siara became allies with the Pell Republic, another of Erizon’s enemies, because Pell allows Siara access, via land, to the Sea of Fire and lands beyond.

The Pell Republic is another enemy, which Erizon has failed to conquer due to support from Pell’s ally, Siara. The three often clash on the Anamaer Plain between them and where many nomad tribes lives and take sides in disputes.

The Empire of Kysh, which includes the island kingdom of Niora, to the south, is Erizon’s other great enemy, as Kysh is another naval superpower. They fight for control over access to the Sea of Fire through the Strait of Erizon, but land battles between them are rare.

Pell Republic

Pell RepublicThe Pell Republic in central northern Llorus lies just north of the equator, which runs through the Sea of Fire and Manowar Bay to the south. Its chief ally is Siara to the north, where Pell Pass allows overland trade despite the high numbers of dangerous species in the Nemon Mountains and War Peaks on either side.

The latter are named for the many battles that have taken place between Erizon and Pell, or Erizon and Siara, or all three, on Anamaer Plain.

Like everyone, Pell is also on poor terms with Marula Kingdom to the east due to the latter’s hostilities, including enslavement of Pell’s people and attempts to steal ships. Pell retaliates in Manowar Bay more than on land, trying to keep Marula as landlocked as possible.

Kingdom of Marula

Marula KingdomMarula is an absolute monarchy whose capital straddles the main source of water in this scorching, desert kingdom at the equator. The native population is black-skinned, and “marulan” has become the name for any black people, even if not from Marula.

Slave labor dominates the land, but most slaves are foreigners captured or bought for the purpose. With the lone exception of Rone to the southwest, Marula has no real allies. Marula knew that if Rone fell to the expanding Empire of Kysh, it would fall next, leading to a truce as Marula and a coalition of powers defied the empire, including Pell and Siara, both of whom are Marula’s enemies due to the freedoms they allow their own peoples. Marula especially enjoys enslaving those of Pell and Siara.

The Land of Siara

Land of SiaraHaving formerly being an absolute and then constitutional monarchy, the Land of Siara is now a federal republic whose citizens enjoy unusual personal freedom. Siara is a naval superpower whose ships brave the voyage north to the continent Antaria and far to the east for Naemara and beyond. Its chief allies are the Pell Republic to the south through Pell Pass, and the island kingdom of Lorynn to the east across the Strait of Lorynn.

However, it has trouble sailing around the Horn of Nylonn in Erizon to the west, for Erizon’s fleet is aided by sea monsters, or so the rumors go.  This makes it difficult but not impossible to reach the Sea of Fire in central Llorus or other sovereign powers there, like the Empire of Kysh.

In addition to Erizon, Siara’s enemies include Marula to the south, where the Marula Mountains separate them so that no large war has ever been fought. Vonn Kingdom to the south along the eastern coast is another foe, but the border between them is so short that most confrontations take place on the Namaeran Ocean.

Lorynn Kingdom

Lorynn KingdomLorynn Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and one of the safer places to live due to the low numbers of unpleasant species, which is courtesy of terrain (no mountains) and efforts to eradicate them. However, some enemies purposely deposit ships full of aggressive species on the shore.

The kingdom is located northeast of Llorus across the Lorynn Strait from its ally, the Land of Siara (due west), and Vonn Kingdom, its nemesis to the southwest. Other allies include Baeshor Kingdom farther down the eastern coast, and the Pell Republic in central Llorus on the Sea of Fire.

Vonn Kingdom

Vonn KingdomVonn Kingdom is an absolute monarchy that has few allies. It stands south of Siara, east of Marula, and north of Perrin Kingdom. More details coming soon…

Perrin Kingdom

Perrin KingdomPerrin Kingdom is a theocracy that lies on the eastern coast of Llorus, south of the equator and Vonn Kingdom.  To its south is Zoryn. More details coming soon…


ZorynUntil recently, Zoryn was an absolute monarchy, but a horde of jhaikan from the Zoryn Mountains to the west conquered it. The result is a military junta ruled by the Lord of the Horde.  Relations with most other powers are hostile, including neighbors Perrin Kingdom (north) and Baeshor Kingdom (southwest). More details coming soon…

Kingdom of Baeshor

The Kingdom of Baeshor is a constitutional monarchy on the southern tip of Llorus, while most of its Baeshor Kingdomallies – Siara, Lorynn, and Perrin – are on the northern end. Kyon Kingdom to the northwest was an ally with whom Baeshor had tense relations until the Empire of Kysh absorbed Kyon and forced Kyon to end those relations. Zoryn to the northeast is a military junta that is hostile to Baeshor, with whom it frequently clashes on the seas.

Rone Kingdom

Rone KingdomRone Kingdom lies in central Llorus and is the primary reason that the Empire of Kysh was unable to expand further. Aided by Lake Teros, the wide Niquerran River, and the Pell Republic, Siara, and a reluctant Marula, Rone stopped the empire. Marula in particular helped because it knew that if Rone fell, it would be next.

The Empire of Kysh

Arising from the Kingdom of Kysh, the empire dominates the southwestern area of Llorus, from the Sea of Fire down to the Kryllan Sea.  It also spreads west through Astamaer in central Llorus to include Kyon Kingdom, and south to the Kyon Sound. The Kingdom of Baeshor in southeastern Llorus stopped further advancement, as did Rone Kingdom in central Llorus.

Niora Kingdom

Niora KingdomNiora Kingdom is an island power off the western coast of Llorus in the Ever Ocean. It is now part of the Empire of Kysh to the southeast of it and has repeatedly changed hands from there to Erizon to the north. Its location allows whoever possesses it to exert influence over access to the Sea of Fire to the east, via either the Strait of Erizon or Strait of Niora.

The government is an absolute monarchy that is benevolent to it citizens because its always had enough threats from outside.

Kingdom of Kysh

Kysh KingdomThe Kingdom of Kysh is the heart of the Empire of Kysh and lies on the western coast of Llorus, just south of the equator. Its former enemy, Astamaer, to the east, was the first sovereign power it conquered on its way to becoming an empire. The island kingdom of Niora to the northwest had been in its possession, or that of another enemy, Erizon, repeatedly, but only remained so after the empire’s expansion.

To the south lies Arkaen Kingdom, with whom Kysh often fought on both land and sea before conquering it. Kysh’s other enemy, which still remains, is Rone Kingdom, which lies across the wide Niquerran River and Lake Teros. Rone is largely responsible for the empire’s inability to continue expanding northward, resulting in continued tensions between them.

Astamaer Kingdom

Astamaer KingdomAstamaer is now part of the Empire of Kysh and is still enemies with Rone Kingdom to the north. Both powers have a series of watch towers lining their side of the Niquerran River, east of Lake Teros, where they also clash.

Now that landlocked Astamaer is in the empire, it has increased access to the Sea of Fire and Ever Ocean beyond, but its people are still viewed as barbarians.

Another enemy is Kyon Kingdom to the east, but since Kysh absorbed Kyon, too, hostilities have quieted.

Kyon Kingdom

Kyon KingdomKyon Kingdom is a theocracy that stands between the Lian Peaks to the west and the Zoryn Mountains to the east, in southern Llorus. Mostly landlocked, it is now part of the Empire of Kysh and is among the driest places.

Until joining the empire, it was on friendly terms with Rone Kingdom to the northwest so as to have access to the Sea of Fire. It was also tense allies with the Kingdom of Baeshor to the southeast, but both relationships came to an end or changed at the empire’s decree. Kyon is the one kingdom that had relations with these two enemies of Kysh.

Arkaen Kingdom

AArkaen Kingdomrkaen Kingdom lies on the southwestern coast of Llorus and is now part of the Empire of Kysh.  The Kingdom of Kysh lies to the north and was a long standing opponent on both land and sea. Arkaen had fair relations with Astamaer.

Villan Kingdom

Villan KingdomVillan Kingdom is part of the Empire of Kysh and lies on the southern coast of Llorus, bordered on the south by the Kryllan Sea.

Kellia Kingdom

Kelia KingdomKellia Kingdom is part of the Empire of Kysh and lies on the southern coast of Llorus on the Kryllan Sea.



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