Valend Cards

On Llurien, the valend cards are designed to teach children the gods and species. They are also used for playing games, divination, and casting spells.

The Suits

There are five suits. The first four are the seasons (or the elements). The fifth suit shows the species.

  1. Spring/Air
  2. Summer/Fire
  3. Autumn/Earth
  4. Winter/Water
  5. Species

The Valend

The first seven cards in each suit are the valend. They show the gods and species. For example, the #2 cards show the four gods of the violet sphere and the species they created. An example is on this page.

The 1-3 cards show evil gods and species, the 4 cards show the neutral gods and species, and the 5-7 cards show the good gods and species. During game play, good defeats evil.

The Court

The 8-13 court cards show things not related to the suits (seasons/elements, or species). These include the horrific (8), warrior groups (9), priests (10), magicians (11), female rulers like queens or empresses (12), and male rulers like kings and emperors (13).

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