Mostly human, the knights differ from Coiryn Riders, the horseman, in wearing heavier armor, better suited for combat, and their code of honor. They are also lords who own property.

By contrast, Coiryn Riders perform local scouting and heraldry work, being suited for fast, agile maneuvers from the saddle. They are more likely to run from a fight because fighting is not their mission, generally.

Knights spend most of their time among humans and subsequently know fewer non-human languages than other military.


The knights fall into five broad ranks (lowest to highest): Knights of the Valend, Sword, Baldric, Ring, and Crown. The highest ranking Knight of the Crown in a settlement is also considered the Knight Commander.

Named after the god of courage, a Knight of Coiryn is the most elite and honorary title only bestowed for unusual acts of heroism; such a knight retains their rank.