This website is devoted to Llurien, the fantasy setting that author Randy Ellefson created for his stories. It may not be updated often, as it’s a reference for fans and only when new info is needed to support a book will updates occur.

Available Stories Set on Llurien

Only a fool steals from a wizard.

Talon Stormbringer thought he knew the risk of stealing from Viland Shadowbreaker – until he got caught. The wizard will spare him if Talon fetches the deadly silver elixir from the Everway, a supernatural land of lost souls and worse, ruled by the Ever Fiend. Talon had assumed none of it was real but agrees to go despite a band of people he can’t trust accompanying him. Of all the things they might discover on their journey, one is the hardest to learn…

Only a fool steals from the Ever Fiend.

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