New Llurien Book Coming!

I’m excited to announced that another book for the Llurien setting is underway. Death Singer (Ascension Quest, #1), is a LitRPG genre book and is nearing completion.

To write this, I needed to gameify (if that’s a word) the setting, adding stats, classes, and other things to create the VRMMORPG game, Llurien Online, which is where the book takes place. I studied gaming systems, especially AD&D, to get a sense of scaling, in particular. What I mean is that I couldn’t decide how many hit points (HP) or experience (XP) an animal, monster, or species had without knowing how it related to others and class leveling, or how much damage spells do, for example.

If you’ve never read LitRPG and read this book, you’ll soon see what I mean. At some point, if the series does well, I may publish some of the data on here so others can use my setting for their gaming campaigns in D&D or other systems.