Aside from humans, the Llurien humanoid species and races were first seen in print in October 2016 when The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer, #1) was published by Llurien Books, an imprint of Evermore Press.  There are no elves, dwarves, or even dragons on Llurien.

The seven spheres of gods created the seven original species: daekais, jhaikan, karelia, kryll, mandeans, querra, and riven. Next, all twenty-eight gods created humans, the eighth species.

Then the Divine Covenant caused the daekais to be considered a race of the kais species, when the morkais race was added. In time, other species acquired additional races, such as niquerra (a race of querra), dariven (a race of riven), and sorelia (a race of karelia).

Frequent Questions About Species

Can your species interbreed?

Yes. It’s a common misunderstanding that different beings that can breed are races and those that cannot are separate species.  There are hybrids on Llurien, such as someone with a human father and kryllan mother.  They are more commonly called hybrids than a “half-kryll” for example, though humans tend to use the latter expressions more than other species do.

Why did you create your own species?

The first several I started creating almost by accident. I guess I just had some ideas. Around that time, I tried to decide what kind of elves, for example, were on my world, based on the different versions I’d seen in books. But I couldn’t decide and didn’t like being tied down by someone else’s ideas. I chafed and began to think of just doing my own thing. Within a few years, I realized I had to do it my way or not at all, so I removed the standard races and ramped up my efforts at creating my own.

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