The Court of Gods and Calendar

The Year and Court of Gods

There are twelve months in the Llurien year. Since there are twelve benevolent gods, each one rules a month. There are also twelve nefarious gods, so each one also rules a month. As there are only four ambiguous gods, each of those rules an entire season of three months.

At any moment, three gods (one benevolent, one nefarious,  and one ambivalent) dominate Llurien in theoretical balance. This is known as the Court of Gods.


The Month

There are twenty-eight days in each identical month, each day devoted to a god. This makes each god stronger on their one day of the month. Since each god will also be in the Court of Gods at some point, their day that month is especially powerful.

For example, the god of fear has a day every month, the “Day of Fear.” In one month, he’s also in the Court of Gods and his day that month is known as the “Day of Terror,” meaning his influence is even stronger.

The Week

In each month, there are four weeks, each week associated with an element. In order, the weeks are Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

The Days

Each week has seven days. Just as we have a “Sunday” every week, they have a “Red Day” every week, as the four gods of the red sphere are the first day of each week. The rest of the week follows the spectrum: ROYGBIV.

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