Special Armed Forces

Below are some of the special military groups.

The Coiryn Riders

If it can be done from the back of a horse, these horseman can do it, though they leave the heavy armor to the knights. They are found throughout Llurien and are agile fighters and nimble heralds who once carried messages for the Emperor of Antaria.

The Karelian Guard

Only the species karelia make up this elite guard, who are generally found anywhere undead or spirits might reasonably be expected to appear. With their well-developed sixth sense, these karelian warriors are perhaps the only thing undead are afraid of.

The Knights

The knights receive special training in defeating their biggest threat: jhaikan.

The Winged Riders

Riding the great birds, the Winged Riders are aerial combat specialists who excel at all range weapons like the bow and arrow, crossbow, spear, lance, and throwing knife. They aren’t too shabby with a sword either. Most major cities have a contingent of them.

The Warders

These individual heroes are a leftover from the fallen Empire of Antaria and still afforded the respect they once commanded. They are a loose knit group who right the world’s wrongs, undertaking quests and resolving whatever conflict is at hand, often for no price at all, which is why, when they do finally ask for something, they can get whatever they want, including free room and board, the best steed available, or even the hand of the most beautiful princess around.

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