Types of Magic

There are several types of magic on Llurien – much more detail will be here “soon.”

Source: Gods vs. Species

Most spells were created by the gods, and since the gods are grouped into seven spheres, so are their spells. Some teachers prefer restricting a student to one sphere at first, while others do not. Magicians may wear an indication of which spheres of magic they’re adept at, and in some places there is social pressure not to admit to mastering either the orange, violent, or blue sphere spells of the evil gods. But just because an evil god created a spell doesn’t mean the spell itself is for evil. Good gods have also created spells that are offensive.

The humanoid species have also invented spells, which are not organized in any particular way. These spells are often not widely available, especially if someone nefarious created it (they’re unlikely to share). A wizard might have to steal a spell book containing the spell to gain access to it. These spells can also be riskier, having fewer safeguards against improper casting. Many consider them wise, and in some places they are forbidden.


All magicians, including those who never master their art, can typically perform beginner spells known as valenders. These pose no real danger to anyone. The spells never affect people, only objects, and in minor ways.  They are designed to assist life or make up for something like not having light or water to drink.

They generally operate on objects and cannot make them appear or invent them. They are things like creating light, starting a small fire, doubling a food ration, bringing a small object to your hand, snuffing a light or fire, opening a simple lock or locking a door, warming someone, and many more.

Elemental Spells

These spells are typically god created. Since each god is associated with one element, they can only create spells of that type. The goddess of love is a fire god, for example, and can only do fire elemental spells.