Karelia are one of the seven original humanoid species. The word karelia means “night walker.” Hear it pronounced.


They have better sight than other species; they can also see in the dark. Their taste buds are sharper. They never get lost, even in the supernatural Everland, and find their way without maps or the stars. Karelia can live as long as 125 years.

Karelia are the smartest species, quick thinking, fairly wise, and charismatic. Strong for their size, karelia have superb constitutions, needing little food, water, or sleep, seldom getting sick, and recovering from illness or wounds faster. Their agility and dexterity are average but they become skilled with less effort. Nothing frightens them.


Their facial features are small, including their pointed ears, jaw, delicate chin and mouth, thin lips and eyebrows, well-kept teeth, a straight nose, and high cheekbones and forehead. Their eyes are typically green like the preferred color of the gods who created them. Karelian hair is usually black or brown, straight, fine, and shoulder length.

Karelia have lorenia lines radiating out from their eyes toward their hairline. The almost translucent marks cause their supernatural sight, weather and direction sense, and allow them to follow supernatural forces or disturbances to their source. The lines and their eyes glow green when performing magic or sensing supernatural phenomenon.

Nearly five feet tall, karelia have small feet and hands. Their slight bodies are stronger than they appear. They resemble human children between the ages of eight and twelve. Karelia wear elegant outer garments that are tailored and include fanciful designs.


Karelia usually prefer to live in forests, particularly on rolling hills or mountains. They like moderate to cold climates but can be found anywhere. In joint settlements, karelia live in a more forested area. Taverns, bars, and other businesses may operate all night to accommodate karelia, who may be awake all night. There will also be at least one Karelian House – a place where they can do supernatural activities without interference.


With the god of magic as one of their creators, karelia are more adept at magic than any other species. They can learn more easily, at a younger age, understand better, cast more powerful spells more often, and recover lost strength faster.


All species acknowledge Llurien’s twenty-eight gods. The four gods of the green sphere created karelia and heavily influence their outlook.

Tarrera, Goddess of Truth, Prophecy, Fate, Testing, the Patron of Sages

The influence of Tarrera makes karelia good at sensing when someone is being subjective, lying, or using bad logic. Karelia remain objective regardless of how someone speaks to them. It is difficult to fool them. Tarrera gave them the ability to see in the dark.

Sorrin, God of Energy, Vitality, Youth, Exuberance, Spirit, Speed, Magic, Lightning, the Patron of Magicians

Karelia only need four hours of sleep a day and can skip all sleep twice a week. Since sleep also rejuvenates the mind, karelia will take time to enter a somewhat trance-like state. Sorrin also makes karelia quick with their minds, feet and hands. Karelia also excel at all magic, as the god of magic is one of their creators.

Coiryn, God of Courage, Protection, Honor, Heroes, the Patron of Knights

The influence of Coiryn affects karelian willingness to be honest, show integrity, and their lack of fear at night, their great skill in battle, and most importantly, the courage with which they face supernatural phenomenon.

Scrylyn, Goddess of Intuition, Navigation, Sixth Sense, Superstition, Stars, Moons, the Patron of Mariners

Karelian intuition makes it difficult to fool them. They have an instinctive feel for social encounters and the attitude of individuals. They can sense awful things that are about to happen and can sometimes prevent accidents. Scrylyn influences their instinctive feel for supernatural phenomenon. They can accurately judge what is wrong, what to do about it, and what dangers might arise.


Karelia have strong social bonds to families and friends due to great communication skills, which allow a depth of understanding that creates strong, lifetime bonds of compassion and camaraderie. Their supernatural activities cause a view of death and a strong love of life. They are great lovers of the arts. Many karelia are quite good artists (musicians or poets).


Karelia receive armed training during their formative years and prefer a karelian sword or a short sword and shield, with either leather armor or the more usual plate mail. They seldom lose their cool or are intimidated. They strike infrequently but with unusual success. They are formidable opponents despite their diminutive size and are the admiration of others, even kryll. Karelian knights are discussed in the armed forces section.

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