Daekais Race Revealed

The page on daekais has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Daekais are three to four feet tall and have large, feathery wings. They are known as the most self-centered, greedy, ignorant and amoral thing alive. Legends say that daekais are so cowardly that a whole group of them once fell dead when the god of courage appeared among them suddenly. They are famous for attacking travelers near forest edges and mountains, with morkais interfering.

Daekais can’t become wizards because they can’t read the spells, possess a spell book long enough (someone else will steal it), or have the intelligence and dedication to master something intellectual. They usually attack with short bow, crossbow, or slings, and will occasionally resort to dropping rocks. Since they have few arrows, they often loot battlefields, including their own. All daekais of a given tribe dress, walk, and talk the same, have the same interests and tell all the same stories.