Niquerra Race Unveiled

The page on niquerra has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Niquerra are a race of the querra species. The god of greed, Neistrum, cursed a group of querra to be obsessed with greed because the species is beyond his ability to influence. The resulting race, niquerra, tunneled into mountains in search of precious gems and metals. Niquerra are physically identical to querra except for habitat-induced changes. They wear tailored and embroidered fine fabrics like silk, with expensive belts, sashes, shoes and purses. Every finger, wrist, ankle, neckline and more is adorned with jewelry. They never believe in too much and are considered very gaudy.

Niquerra spend most of the lives deep under mountains, in natural caverns or rooms they’ve created. Master stone cutters can be hired by joint settlements, and it’s one way niquerra gain wealth, status, and reputation. The birth of any magician is met with great acclaim, since this gives an advantage in finding ways to steal from other tribes, find valuables in the earth, or protect against defense. Niquerra society is highly rigid and a constitutional monarchy. They recognize everyone desires more wealth and would give in to stealing from each other all the time, resulting in the anarchy of daekais. To avoid this, laws abound in a very strict society where everyone has their place.