Querra Species Revealed

The page on querra has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Querra are one of the seven original humanoid species. Querra run so fast that everything else is compared to them; they also travel so slow that everything is compared to them. They are the world’s best cooks, winemakers, engineers, gardeners, and farmers. Querra are three to four feet tall and slim. Many are perpetually dirty from farming or gardening. Their demeanor is very pleasant and friendly, even impish.

Querra prefer rolling hills due to their beauty. Querran wizards are uncommon because so many spells are related to military uses or serious matters that don’t interest them. Sorcerers are more common. They only grow what they need, freely giving what they have to other querra and others. They love playing valend cards. Querra see death as part of the lifecycle and do not fear it. They celebrate the life of the dead with elaborate parties.