Kais Species Posted

The page on kais has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Kais are three to four feet tall with large, feathery wings. Both races are physically identical except that daekais have poisonous teeth and claws, and their eye colors differ. The wing coloring on top disguises kais from above. The underside is typically light. Forest kais have green feathers, sea kais have blue, golden kais live near plains or deserts, mountain kais have brown feathers, snow kais have white, and the rare night kais is all black. Females acquire display colors on both sides during mating season.

Kais avoid hand-to-hand combat in favor of missile weapons (slings, bows, and crossbows), partly from being smaller than many threats but also due to their wings being precious and hard to protect. Daekais also avoid it out of fear. Either may be carrying a knife or dagger as a last resort. Their teeth and claws are also formidable, especially daekais, whose are poisonous.