Jhaikan Species Uploaded

The page on jhaikan has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Jhaikan are one of the seven original humanoid species are synonymous with evil and brutal violence. They are used in stories to frighten children and adults. For jhaikan, dying outside of battle is dishonorable. They’ve tortured and killed more people than anyone. They are ferocious, antagonistic, driven to conquer, man-eaters, and certain death to anyone not trained in self-defense.

Mature males are seven to nine tall, females slightly smaller. Jhaikan society is hierarchical and based on brutality, cunning, and military might. A sign of weakness results in a leader being usurped. In some jhaikan hordes, there is one leader and no other structure; in larger ones, a rigid structure exists, allowing individuals to attain various ranks and rise through them. They can camouflage their skin.