Rhaikan Race Revealed

The page on rhaikan has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Rhaikan are a race of the jhaikan species. The gods of truth, empathy, peace, and fairness created the more benevolent race using a magical jewel. Rhaikan keep talons on hands and feet shorn, particularly the latter, to appear less threatening. They tend to dress fashionably and neatly to cultivate an appearance of calmness, order, and being non-threatening. Most rhaikan live in joint settlements because they won’t be trusted by other species if they don’t.

Many rhaikan become knights and are among the best fighters. They are good swordsmen but need special rhaikan swords to fig their larger hands. These are huge swords that others must use with two hands. Jhaikan often pretend to be rhaikan to infiltrate settlements.