Kryll Species Revealed

The page on kryll has been uploaded. Some highlights:

Kryll are one of the seven original humanoid species. Averaging six inches taller than humans, kryll are powerfully built humanoids, with agile, muscular bodies capable of impressive acrobatics and martial arts. They are graceful and adept at climbing trees, have strong, large hands and feet, and are usually ambidextrous. Kryll prefer deep woodlands and can get closer to animals than others.

Some are heavily influenced by Kriseri, the goddess of peace, one of their creators. These “kriserian” kryll are pacifists. Others are strongly influenced by another creator, Solon, the god of fairness, and called “solonon” kryll. They dislike anyone taking action against another and will intervene. Kryll prefer fighting by hand and using special bracers called “kryllan hands” to protect arms and forearms from bladed weapons. Weapons of their own design are preferred and include the kryllan sword, kryllan bow, kryllan hands, and jhaikan-staff.